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A salon commercial gives you a chance to brand your salon exactly the way you want. We believe it’s the most important part of marketing today and the perfect way to interact with clients on an emotional level.

We can all agree that most of your potential clientele will visit your website before making an appearance at your salon. It is our obligation to provide you with the most intuitive and user friendly website that you and your business can use to grow your salon.

When did you last learn a new idea, or habit that made a real impact on your Salon Business?  We’re happy to share what we’ve learned from working with successful salons. Its all about more clients, coming more often, spending more money.

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Salon Hero LLC.

Los Angeles, California

Email: info@salonhero.com

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SalonHero is a Los Angeles based, video marketing company, specializing in Digital Media for Hair Salons, Stylist’s and Professional Haircare Brands.

We produce modern, on-brand commercials for you business and advertise it directly to people near your establishment or, in your market. By combining the power of video advertising and the effectiveness of local marketing, we have a simple, but effective way to help your salon business grow.

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